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The Vrede Foundation is a Non-Profit, Public Benefit Organization [NPO 068/959 // PBO # 930029994] started in Johannesburg, South Africa in October 2008 as a result of Herman’s Story.

Our aim is twofold.

1] To generate awareness amongst Young South Africans (aged 15-29) regarding Cancer.

Young people don’t usually think about Cancer! There is often a pre-conceived idea that Cancer only affects Older People. Young people don’t want to think about “dreaded diseases”. As the number of people affected by Cancer continues to rise, we want to share information about the disease, about how to manage the disease and about how to assist those affected by the disease.

2] To raise funds and provide financial aid to Young South Africans with Cancer who do not have medical aid.

Young people do not want to think about the impact that Cancer can have on their lives or their finances. Often they are just not prepared to deal with the financial aspects that arise if they do require treatment! This puts an unimaginable strain on both them and their families at a time when they are already dealing with a lot.

Recent studies show cancer has become more prevalent in the younger generation over the years; with certain cancers, like testicular cancer and breast cancer, affecting more and more young men and women as early as in their 20’s.

CANCER DOES NOT HAVE TO BE A DEATH SENTENCE. If caught early, it can be treated and beaten. It’s a tough subject to broach – people often whisper “The Big C” and this creates fear and loathing around the topic.

To break this taboo and align our Foundation with a positive and uplifting message, The Vrede Foundation aims to raise cancer awareness amongst the South African youth through music. Music is the cornerstone of The Vrede Foundation’s process and the live music arena in South Africa is providing the stage from which this new message of hope and action can be delivered. At these live music events young South Africans can get information, learn how to be prepared, where to seek counseling, contribute funds to the Foundation’s trust to help their peers and simultaneously HAVE A REALLY GOOD TIME!