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28 August 2009

“I am happy, friendly, full of love (for girls) and high fives for dudes. I like to party all night long with the girls with the legs and pretty faces, drinking the shooters and the cocktails while making with the dancing and the laughing and the joy.” – Herman’s Facebook description of himself


Herman passed away on the morning of the 20th of August.  The words he used to say so frequently he can now finally experience….”Vrede”. Peace be with you my brother…I know you have no pain or suffering. We will miss you. Your legacy will live forever in our hearts and in the workings of The Vrede Foundation. See you soon.

Love. Henre.


3 August 2009

Hey everybody! It’s been a while and I have lots of news to share

So the last everybody heard, my counts were down and I had finished my chemo, so it was good news all round.

Unfortunately while i was off the chemo my counts have gone up again, so we met with the doctors and deemed it time for me to go for my big operation. The tumors down to an operable size, but it’s still threatening, so we’re going for it and having it removed… on Wednesday. Also there might be a problem with my one kidney as well as my aortha, so while I’m opened up the doctors might yank out the kidney as well and replace my aortha with some garden hose… just kidding about the garden hose bit, the rest is for realzies. It’s quite a big operation so hold thumbs everybody!

I was pretty freaked out, coz I thought it was only gonna happen in October… but no… Wednesday – as in August 5th. I wasnt quite ready to hear that, but like my dad says, “it was going to have to happen anyway so rather sooner than later”. I do miss the rest of Studio 1 as well as the Rockspaaider bootcamp… bummer.

the doctors say that I’ll be in hospital for two weeks and in recovery for 4-6 weeks, so I’m off the radar for 2 months.

Hopefully after the tumor is removed my counts will start coming down and I’ll be getting healthier. i’m blessed in having the A-team of the surgical world heading up my operation – so don’t worry people I’m in good hands.

If all goes well, I’ll send updates later on this week.

Talk soon


15 May 2009

Hey All

Just a quick update to fill you in on the good news.

I had my first MRI scan since December and my doctors were beaming form ear to ear from the results. Overall the tumour activity is down by 40-50% across all tumours, lung and Lymph. Of the original 15 tumours in my lungs it seems there are only a handful left and my doctors also reckon that it might be scar tisue, not active tumours, so that’s awesome!!

The tumour on my lymph, which was their biggest concern is also down in size, it seems I’m reacting really well to my current cycle of chemo, so we’ll keep on keeping on!! My doctors reckon that as soon as we’re done with this session we can consider other therapies like radiation therapy or even surgically removing the remaining tumours seeing that their more under control. I’m quite excited about finishing chemo and starting radiation therapy, it’ll be great to give my veins a break! I almost don’t have any left!! Because chemo gets administered intraveinously it tends to make your veins collapse, because it’s so toxic. Also apparently radio therapy gives you a tan so at least I’ll LOOK healthy, hahaha!

Radiation therapy is also a lot more controlled and focussed, primarily used to target a spacific area, sparing my liver and kidneys the huuuge task of filtering the chemo out of my system… in all it’s good stuff. I’m in a good place mentally and I feel confident moving forward, I cant wait to start my next treatment… weird.

Before I go I’d like to thank everyone for their love and support, I really appreciate it and I’d like to send my thoughts and condolences out to the Bestbier family who recently lost their son Piet Bestbier to Leukemia. Piet was brave enough to document his battle in order to shed light on this frightening disease… Something I wouldn’t be able to do if I was in his position. I didn’t know him personally, but as a fellow Bellville boy and cancer sufferer, I felt strangely connected to him. Go check out Piets doccie called HOLD STILL on Facebook. For now I’ll keep on fighting… for myself, Piet and anyone going through this turmoil.

We will not be beaten.


1 April 2009

Hey Everybody!!

Woaw, what a couple of months it has been. Thank you to everybody that have been mailing me, smsing, and stopping me in the street to ask me how I am and to wish me well, I really appreciate it.

I’ve got a lot to tell, all of it about what I’ve been up to and how this cancer thing has almost taken a backseat in my life. Don’t get me wrong it’s still here but, I’ve got a life to live and I’ll do what I need to do.

It’s been a manic one in terms of work… were to start…

I went to France at the beginning of the year with the Parlotones and shot two episodes of AMP, we also completed the tenth and Final season a couple of weeks ago, finish and klaar. It’s the end of an era and I’m actually quite pleased to see it end, it’s been fun, but it’s time.

We had the first Vrede Foundation Festival in Pretoria on Valentines Day and i was a huuuge success. Tons of people showed up to the event and all the bands played an awesome set!! Thanks to everyone involved it was a killer day, that I won’t soon forget.what else happened?… oh, I got offered the studio presenter position on Studio1 and I took it, even though it’s a bit of a debacle organizing flights to joburg and being available for studio while still receiving chemo.

Ja, I’m still gettin chemo, but luckily my markers are waaay down and the doctors are confident that soon I’ll be cancer free and able to continue on my way forward. It’s been so manic lately, Sometimes I think that it’s the cancer that caused me to look at my life and make decisions about how I want to live. I want to do it all!! These days I live in the moment and I set myself short term goals. The next big thing for me is the next Vrede Fest. We’re looking at doing a big one day festival with about 10 bands, happening on Youth Day. Look out for press and TV promo’s coming soon, I promise it’s gonna be a wonderful event and I hope to see all of you there.

Keep well and chat soon.


22 October 2008

HEY HEY!! wou net hallo se aan almal en net vir julle laat weet dat dit AANSIENLIK beter met my gaan as voorheen. Ek het nou die proses onder die knie en weet nou wat om te verwag van dierdie ding.

ek gaan nie lieg nie chemo is hectic, maar niks wat ek nie kan handle nie…

Dit gaan elke dag beter met my. Ek het nou al goed uitgewerk vir hoe lank die chemo my onderkry, vir hoe lnk ek herstel en wanneer ek veronderstel is om beter te te voel.

My behandeling werk in n 4 week sekedule. een week chemo, en week van siek wees, twee weke hersel… dan weer chemo. Ek is nou in my eerste week van herstel so ek elke dag n bietjie beter.

Ek sal julle almal op hoogte hou van sake en wees versekr dat ek julle aklmal baie klifhet en die ondersteuning rerig waardeer. sonder julle sou hierdie geveg baie moeiliker wees.


3 November 2008

Hey All,

Good News! My Oncologist, Dr.Visser called on Sunday to let me know my blood tests and my cancer markers turned up some pretty good results. My tumor has shruk to 1/8th of its original size and this after only 1 chemo treatment… Judo chop!!

I have to thank everybody thats been praying for me and been supporting me in this difficult time I really appreciate it… really.

I’ve started my next chemo session and will continue for the rest of the week, I’m feeling good and lokking forwarfd to kicking this things ass (sorry for the language, but I’m psyched)

Keep well and chat soon.

P.S: My friend Ruarc posted some pics if anyones interested in seeing what I look like, take a look and comment… just don’t call me Micheal Stipe!!!!!